Communication is the currency that all success is built with. 

Brilliant Communication = Brilliant Life. 

Are you ready to create your category of one next level success?


Your ability to communicate what you need, want, & do, is a master skill.

There's nothing soft about it.  

  • Elevate Your ImpactYou are at the top of your game. Unlock your next level by changing the way you Think. Write. Speak.  

  • Influence & Create Meaningful Change: People depend on you and seek your guidance. You have a duty to share what you know to be true, and influence change that matters.

 How it works:

  • Consult: We identify your biggest opportunities for growth.
  • Plan: How to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.
  • Strategise: Defining what we work on, when, and how.
  • Implement: Making 'next you' your new reality.
  • Duty: You have a duty to be the very best at getting across what you need, want, and do, because it's important, and will change people's lives. 
  • Impact: This is how you have the biggest impact on what's critical in your world.

Trusted by:

A serious athlete would never compete without a coach. Want to be THE Brilliant Communicator? Join the programme.

This is for you if you:

  • Know that getting across what you know to be true is vital.
  • Want your next level of success as a communicator and known expert in your niche.
  • Will step into 'next you'... a world class communicator, sharing your insight, ingenuity, and intuition, for others to benefit.
  • Want to cement your position as the only option. You are a category of one.
  • Are looking for a practical, reality-based, no BS approach to influencing, and bringing about change that's needed. Because it's pivotal for the betterment of people, the planet, and for unleashing potential.

Decades on global TV, stages across the world, & training people who run countries & companies.

Nima has a unique insight and set of skills. She knows what works, and what doesn't, and she's now passing on the toolbox of how to be THE Brilliant Communicator to you.

Only Apply if You're Committed to Transforming Your Life.

Investment starts at £10,000 / month for a year. OR £100,000 for up-front payment.


Exclusive. Private. Confidential.

  • Brand You: Known for the right things, by the right people. 
  • Category of One: No one can do what you do, the way that you do it, with your track record of experience, expertise, and expression. 
  • Systems. Support. Structure: Getting things done efficiently, effectively. Leveraging your reality.
  • Influence: Increasing your influence is how you have more impact on what's important to you.

What You Get

Step into your next level of success

  • Private Consultation & Strategic Planning Session.
  • Weekly intensive 1:1 Coaching.
  • Crisis intervention sessions.
  • Direct line to Nima for issues that arise between sessions.
  • Quarterly strategy intensive review and reset.
  • Building out systems and skills to achieve the transformation you want.

What Isn't Covered

Nima works with international clients - It's important you know this.

  • Travel & associated costs for in-person sessions.
  • Out of hours responses - UK working day.
  • Third party costs to create and elevate assets. Publishing a book is an example.

Investment: £10,000 GBP / month for a year. OR £100,000 one payment in advance.