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May 6, 2023


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Someone is talking about you right now.


What they think you’re great at - or not - is linked directly to how your life plays out.


Let me explain. 


I have never applied for a job. 

Everything I did - before deciding to change how I work and live (more on this another time) - was by invitation.


I realise how privileged this sounds - especially when you know it’s organisations like the UN, UNDP, BBC, multinationals, governments.


Being invited, vs applying for things, means you have more power, more options, and more negotiation runway. Plus it feels fantastic.


Today I’m sharing the 3 simple steps that will get the right people paying attention to you, and saying the right things about you.


Which means the right type of opportunity makes its way to you. 


#1 Be KNOWN (for your brilliance).

Journalists can be lazy - or is it overworked?

When researching a topic and looking for potential guests, they will contact people whose names come up online, and in the media. 

The same goes for your ideal potential client, or boss. They will seek out people who they can ‘see’ and connect with. For example, they will put a line under the name of a speaker at a conference - with the intention of getting in touch. 

You don’t need permission to be known for what you’re great at. You can start right now, with a LinkedIn post. 

Do this daily, share what you’ve done, what you do, what you know.


How many people have your degree, job title, work experience?

Why should someone choose you? 

Instead of playing it safe, dare to share your take on things. Your truth, your observations, thoughts that go against the grain, against consensus. 

  • Get people questioning: How can you challenge status quo? What do you believe that others don’t?
  • Get people noticing: How can you share what you know to shock, get them to doubt, get them to pay attention?

We all have what I call ‘aha!’ moments - contrarian views, our own take on our area of expertise. 

Use these thoughts and insights to stand out, to lean into what’s different about you, what you know, share, do, and build a community that’s genuinely interested - in you, and in your take on things.


With how you show up. What you say ‘yes’ to, with your key messages when you share.

If you’re not consistent and clear, people won’t be clear, and they’ll tune out.

Plus they won’t be able to ‘explain’ you if there’s an opportunity they think you’re right for.

Think of people around you as your ultimate spokespeople and ambassadors. If you are clear and consistent, they are clear about who you are, what you do, and how you help.

If it resonates, they will be speaking about you - and saying all the right things… 

This week’s video will help too. In it, I take you step by step through how you can set up your LinkedIn profile so it acts as your agent or landing page 24.7.

No cost, or permission needed ;)

Click here for the video, or on the image below.



  • Be known - for what you want to do more of.
  • Be different - think: why you?
  • Be consistent - with how you show up & what you share.

Make it easy for the right people to put your name forward and choose you.

Short and to the point. Powerful if you implement.

Thank you for reading. If you have an idea for something you’d like me to cover, hit reply and share it - I’ll add it to the list.

That’s all for today!

Get your free agents working for you :)

See you next Saturday.



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