It's Time To Become The Go-To Provider

In Your Sector

Done With You - work with Nima 1:1

Get the system, roadmap + support you need to be known for your expertise.

Work directly with me to gain:

✅ Clarity - what (exactly) are you communicating & who to.

✅ The building blocks of how to communicate with clarity, impact, and influence.

✅ Create content to be a 'category of one' person of influence, with the right people.

Make your content creation easy and consistent.

Get over fears, imposter syndrome and overwhelm.

✅ Overcome procrastination with accountability.

✅ Get feedback and weekly advice to stay on track & move from 'doing' to DONE!

For solopreneurs—coaches, consultants, speakers and thought leaders (”experts”).

I will be there every step of the way while you put the strategy into action. 

No guessing…no wasting time. Just results.  

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Loulou Khazen

"I loved my one on one with Nima.

Her input is spot on, tailored to my needs, pragmatic and actionable.

We did the work together versus me having to figure things out on my own, I had an action plan.

I thoroughly recommend working with Nima, not only is she extremely sharp, has the experience and the expertise, she’s also a genuine and warm person. Will certainly work with her again!"

Public Figure - Confidential

"You have no idea how enriching, helpful, and enlightening it's been.

I feel elevated, and it's like I'm able to reach something I've been wanting to reach, but haven't been able to until now - with this clarity."

Jiana Saad

"When I was practising my talk yesterday, I had your image in my mind and then I tried to imitate you, to imitate your posture, the way you pronounce words, the way you reveal confidence.

I also remember you telling me to look for statistics when approaching a client, so in my preparation, I researched and came up with statistics to support my ideas….

I felt powerful as you!!!"