Frequently asked questions

As much as I enjoy meeting new, interesting people, it's simply not possible to provide on-demand 1:1 feedback, or advice over email.

In an effort to be helpful, I'm answering a few common questions: 


Do you offer 1:1 coaching?

I offer a few 1:1 coaching slots. You can book one here if you want to do a deep dive & move the needle. 


I forgot how to login - help!

Click here to log in if you've forgotten how to.


I can't remember my password... help!

Click here to recover your password.


Can I use your video / article / content?

Of course you can. Everything on my website is free for you to share. 

It would be nice if you link back to the source if you choose to share. 


Will you be on my podcast / can I interview you?

I am happy to consider your request. Please fill in this form to see if we are a good fit

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