Your body talks before you say a word.

The way you feel on the inside leaks out - it's what people pick up on. 

'Presence' is that 'thing' that people remember about you - even when you're not there. It's the things that gets you noticed and chosen, or overlooked and forgotten. Harsh, but human.


What do people remember? It's not the words - but that's where people spend most of their energy. 
The power of presence starts with how you see, and feel about, yourself. 
In this session you'll get the toolbox to knowing how to 'be' when you're delivering your brilliance. So that you're remembered for the right reasons, & you feel fabulous doing it

I’ll guide you through small behavioral shifts that will help you convey that undeniable “presence” factor without saying a word. From confidence-boosting wardrobe essentials to strategically choosing where and how you sit and stand, your non-verbal communication speaks volumes. 



  • How to change your physiology and the way you feel on the inside.
  • Simple techniques to leave lasting impressions that get you remembered for the right reasons, without even saying a word.

By the end of the session, you will have techniques to change your physiology and how you feel on the inside - so you are more comfortable when you're in the spotlight, or simply when you're present at work and in life - because that's when decisions about you are made. They're made before you speak. They're made by feeding off of the 'way' you are. 

Fair? No. Human? Yes.